The Caribbean Prisoner, Scott Evans’ latest novel, is available now!

Randall Wake got more than he bargained for during his trip to St. Thomas in the Caribbean. He enjoyed all of the sights that a tropical paradise had to offer; sun, beaches, drinks, music, and sex. What he didn’t enjoy was the interruption of a disturbed US Navy Sailor. What starts as a quest to understand a tragedy ends in the discovery of something sinister happening to the Navy’s new recruits. Set in the early 1990’s, just after the infamous Tailhook Sex Scandal, this novel takes readers on a Hemingwayesque journey reminiscent of “The Sun Also Rises”, through the torturous emotional depths of Camus’ “The Stranger”, and finishes with a grand finale that echoes “A Few Good Men”.

This title is available from Clayborn Press
in Paperback and Amazon Kindle