Tragic Flaws

Joseph Lawrence Conrad is caught in a nightmare after  finding a beautiful co-ed’s body in an eerie waterway called Lost Slough. Accused of murdering his students, he is about to lose everything—his teaching career, his wife, his precocious five-year-old daughter, and his freedom. Unravel an intricate web of murder, intrigue and deception as author Scott Evans spins a suspenseful tale of Tragic Flaws.

Joseph “Joe” Conrad is on his way to his morning class when his car overheats. He pulls over for water at a marshy stream named Lost Slough when he notices a foul smell. In the water floats a woman’s body. Joe pulls the body to the shore and flags down a passing police car. However, his good intentions are met with suspicion and doubt. Instead of being regarded as a good Samaritan, he is tagged as one of the primes suspects for the woman’s murder and other young women’s deaths in the area.

No matter what Joe does to explain his innocence, no one will believe him save for one lone reporter. Detectives Ryan Dunn and Manuel Marino tighten the noose as they uncover links between Joe and the victims. Ultimately, Joe resorts to the literature he’s teaching, borrowing from Hamlet to set a “mousetrap” for the real killer. However, the result only puts Joe’s loved ones in danger. Will Joe and his family emerge unscathed from the deadly menace threatening their lives? Or will Joe lose everything he holds dear? Get a copy of this intriguing, fast-paced literary whodunit and discover the exciting events as they unfold. Its plot will surprise you and keep you guessing until the heart-stopping conclusion!

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